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Don Stuck




Traffic guy and banjo player for the Big Dumb Show

Favorite Drink:
Crown & 7

Greatest Possession:
Dune buggy, uh...sand-raill


I did help Michael Hutchence of INXS commit suicide. I won't save 10% on long distance calls. I will continue to breath into this paper bag even though I feel okay! I never wear tight jeans on the Sabbath. I can't talk to dead relatives when the radio's up loud. I might wash my kilt this weekend. I didn't mind when they sent Elian Gonzalez all. I will call the garage where I practice guitar "Deer Creek Music Center", since no one else is using the name. I wish the crocodile would catch that guy just once...and Paul Hogan too. I aspire to be the greatest dictator the U.S. has ever had.

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