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So you're new to the Big Dumb Show and you're not quite sure what the hell is going on.  Well neither do we, but to convince our bosses and you the listener otherwise, we've devised the following text. We like to refer to it as ...


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The Radio Is In The Hands Of Such A Lot Of Fools ... -    



Pam Anderson & Lindsey Lohan saying "hello":
Things are different in Hollywood. Here's a snapshot of Pam Anderson and Lindsey Lohan greeting each other at some Hollywood shmoozefest. You're welcome.
Top Big Dumb Headlines

Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow delivers torture on par with anything most humans have ever had to face

Strippers arrested for spanking truck driver on his birthday

Check Out Strippers. Crawl Into Bed With Your Wife Free Of Cigarette Smoke, Cocoa Butter, & The Clap

Zombie Dogs! No, Really

Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Backstage at Oasis Concert. Emerges Later "In Rough Shape". Spokes-Idiot says "Nothing Happened!"

Holy Crap! Billy Corgan is "Getting The Band Back Together"

Michael Jackson Is A Holy, Blameless Creature. Still Guilty of Making Crappy Music.

Remember: America Is Safer When You Shred The Constitution!

Giant Sword? Check! Hatchet? Check! Bloody Chainsaw? Check! Welcome to the United States!

Finally! Something To Do In South Bend: Not Get Eaten By Alligator.

I Wonder What It Would Be Like If Darth Vader Were On Wheel Of Fortune.

You Know How They Put A Boot On Your Car When You Don't Pay Your Tickets? Now They've Got One For Your Penis.

Finally! A Product That The Producers Of "Backdoor Babes 27" Fully Endorse.

News Flash! Being Gay Has No Bearing On A Person's Ability To Drive. Miata's, Mini's, and Beetles Still Seem To Hit More Manholes.

Indianapolis Colts safety Mike Doss Learns That You Can Shoot Up Akron For a Little Over $1000. I'm Guessing It Costs a Little More For You and I.

Cornerback Nick Harper In Trouble For Keeping His Pimp Hand A Little Too Strong; Also In Trouble: Colts' Marvin Harrison, Cornerback Joseph Jefferson and Defensive Tackle Montae Reagor. Its Gotta Be Only Days Before Peyton Gets Busted For Jaywalking.

Two Days Later, They Plucked That Guy Out Of Eagle Creek Resevoir. Don't Think About That Too Much as You Pour That Tap Water In Your Coffee Maker.

Mom! The Babysitter's A Skanky Whore!

Potheads; Our Government Just Said "Eff You". They Know You're Too High To Get Off The Couch To Do Anything About It.

Maniac From Cincinatti That Screwed Up Morning Commute In Shelbyville By Holding A Hostage At The Minimarket? Shot Dead. Cleanup On Aisle One, Two, and Three.

Sadly, The Aptly Named "Ohio Sucks" Website Is Down

Wanna See The "Controversial" San Francisco 49ers Training Video?

Listener Crystal Alerted Us To The World Naked Bike Ride. Who Wants To Be Her Seat?

Exploding Toilet!

Don't Tell Danica: Driving By Women Leads To Evil!

City Of Knoxville Determined To Stomp Out Stripping By Spending Thousands Of Taxpayers' Dollars On Strippers

Atlanta Crane Guy II: Electric Boogaloo

Where's My Woman At? Introducing GPS Panties

I'd Be Lucky To Get Kool-Aid and Cake On My Birthday. This Kid Got A Stripper

Support Our Troops: Impeach Bush

Introducing the Best Beer Ever!

Guys Who Parachuted A Guinea Pig Out Their Dorm Window Won't Face Death Penalty

Crazy Old Coot Calls 911 When Pizza Guy Actually Calls Her A Crazy Old Coot

Guy Catches Giant Catfish. It's About The Size Of A Sixth Grader; Only It Has Fewer Cooties

Smoking Banned In Many Indy Restaurants. Farting Still Okay.

Moron Minister Asks, "What Would Jesus Do?" Figures He Would Flush The Quran

Laura Bush Shocked To Learn That Most Of The World Thinks Her Husband Is A Complete Ass-Bag

"Boy, if you want to experience dolphins, you need to go to Indianapolis". Dolphins Say "Bullsh*t! How About You Put Us Back In The Ocean, A-Holes?"

Elkhart, Indiana Kid Climbs Into Crane Toy Grabbing Game at Wal-Mart. Wins Himself Massive Parental Ass-Beating

Britney Barfs In Fancy Hotel Pool ... She's Drinking For Two Now. Whore

Thank Your Upright Walking God: The Spice Girls Are Back. Sadly, Not On Spice Channel

Drunk Idiot ESPN Writer Wrecks Indy Pace Car

Pacers Choke, Chicken Blamed

Kenny Brack Is Back at the Track

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick
Danica is fast. We like fast women.

Danica's Official Site
A Nice Danica Gallery


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Live Stream Back Soon


Papa Roach Rocks Podunk

System Of A Down Style

Axis of Audioslave

System Of A Down, Painters?

Rob Zombie on New Album

Trent Reznor Fires Friend

Foo Zep? Led Fighters?


It's on when we're on. Watch for Producer Lenny's cameo, usually around 8:30. 
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Top All-Time Biggest Tools
Ty Pennington
Carson Daily
Ryan Seacrest
Jim Rome
Hairstyle Of The Day: Phil Spector



Babe Of The Day:
Tonya Harding



Weapons Of Mass Destruction Found ... In My PANTS!

Click here for our exclusive video race coverage from the Big Dumb Movie on WNDY UPN23

The Greatest TV News Video of the Moment: From WISH-TV Indianapolis:
Maybe He's Auditioning For "So You Think You Can Dance?"
Okay, so I'm watching a little Indianapolis television news, and I happened to catch one of those classic live tv moments. Here's an mpg. You're welcome.

Local Band Celebrates America's Independence By Inspiring Lots Of Bad Behavior

The Single Best 3CO Photograph Ever Taken

Drummer Donny Studer Makes Some New Friends

It was another liquor-drenched Saturday night party with the 3 Chord Orchestra at Peppers in Broad Ripple. If you weren't there, you should begin kicking yourself now. If you were there, here are a few incriminating photographs.

The One We Call TaTa With Friend It's Our New Staff Photographer. Her Pictures Aren't Very Good, But Who Cares!
Super Nuclear Drunk Girl And Her Friend Mrs. Surveillance And Her Fan Club

Lead Singer Nicole Looks To The Heavens For Help Dealing With Don Stuck

Monkey Nipples Demonstrates Her Amazing Talent

(Check the links below for more fun photos!)
Kevin, Proud New Mosquito Manor Owner, Later That Evening Here's Kevin. He took delivery on the "Don Stuck Mosquito Manor" - an actual mosquito habitat, just in time for the peak of the West Nile season.
We also raised a few bucks for the Indiana Blind Children's Foundation! Thank you, again for your generousity.

Go To
More Pictures At Pinto Bob's FanSite
More Picture At Dave's Blog, The DQ Files
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Unable To Wait For Arrival Of New Big Dumb Show Merchandise, Show Host Gonzo Greg Gets New Tattoo

Gonzo's New "Sticker Girl" TattooFurther insuring that I will never be able to find gainful employment outside the radio industry, I spent an hour Saturday afternoon over at Metamorphosis in Broad Ripple (yes, Don: "Hippieville") Don's Spiffy New "Tattoo" - Designed By Drummer Donny Studer getting a new tat.

Not to be outdone, Don insisted on showing off his new (Sharpie) ink at Peppers Saturday night as well.

Michelin Man Tries To Suck Up To Pissed Off F-1 Fans

Michelin, who said their tires weren't good enough to race at Indianapolis ... is offering refunds to everybody who got hosed on the Grand Prix race at Indianapolis.

Here's The Michelin Refund Deal
Here's The Backstory
We're Taking Our Tires And Going Home
Post YOUR F-1 |

Hollywood Superstar Holding Sweet, Naive Young Actress Hostage To Prove He's Heterosexual: FREE KATIE HOLMES!

Look, I'll be honest. I don't know Katie Holmes from any of the other eleventy-billion young "starlets" being churned out of Hollywood these days. But it makes me sad to see this one, obviously under the influence of some "I'm-Tom-Cruise-And-I'm-Not-Gay" Date Rape/Movie Promotion drug. In fact, I didn't know I cared so much until I found this website. Free Katie!

Free Katie Web Site

Indianapolis Music Critic Named "Douche Of The Day" Thursday

Local Music Critic, David Lindquist, who's musical favorites include Ashlee Simpson and ex-MTV idiot VJ Jesse Camp, gives a less-than glowing review of the X-103 MayDay Concert. Also; shiny, bald head visible from space.

Read The Douche's Review of MayDay 2005
Post YOUR MayDay 2005 |

Indy's Hardest Rockin', Most Popular Local Band Ever Appears at Greatest Spectacle In Racing - Hyperbole Pulls A Hamstring

Once known at the Snake Pit, inside turn four is now home of the Miller Lite Party Deck, and there is no better spot to watch the race, or get your ass rocked by the Big Dumb Show house band, the Three Chord Orchestra. If you weren't there, you missed a helluva party. If you were there, you probably don't remember much ... so check out all the highlights at the Three Chord Orchestra website.

Giant Radioactive Monster Attacks Speedway! (Oh, Wait ... It's Pinto Bob at the Track)

Our favorite vanilla gorilla did his part to celebrate the Month Of May in Indianapolis; He was there for Quals, Carb Day, and Race Day ... and he's documented his epic adventure ... including the deflowering of the Miller Lite Party Deck. He's posted some truly outstanding photography on his fan site ... which we have absolutely nothing to do with, by the way ... so click at your own risk.

Pinto Bob's Big Dumb Show Fan Site

Holy Crap! MayDay 2005 Was HUGE!

MayDay 2005 has set the bar for every show to come this summer. Well, for me, anyway ...

Post YOUR MayDay 2005 |
Big Dumb MayDay 2005 Photos
Gonzo & Don - MayDay Video 1
Gonzo & Don - MayDay Video 2
Gonzo & Don - MayDay Video 3
Go To The Live MayDay Blog

Robby Gordon Makes Himself The "Biggest Testicle In Racing"

Robby Gordon is all over the news this past weekend, whining about Danica Patrick's weight advantage in IRL racing. 10 non-winning trips to the Indy 500, and this guy finally has the good sense to give up and just go run NASCAR at Charlotte on Memorial Day weekend; yet he still opens his hillbilly trap to complain to the press that since he's a fat-ass, "it's not fair" that he might have to compete against somebody that can occasionally say "no" to a triple cheeseburger.

Given Robby "Lardass" Gordon's recent sour grapes comments, I would like to invite you to join my efforts to keep his ginormous ass out of Indianapolis for the Brickyard.

With your help, we can all raise enough funding so that Mr. Gordon can enter the Jenny Craig program for a year, and compete against Danica Patrick on the level playing field that he is so desperately whining for, at the 90th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Post YOUR |
Robby Gordon's Comments on Danica Patrick
The Jenny Craig Website

Culture In Indy Takes A Giant Leap Forward! Highlights from the Vogue, Monday 5/23:

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Do You Have Any Idea How Fast You Were Going? Local Traffic Reporter Wets Self In Indy Car
Yup! I peed!

Don Stuck "accelerated his senses" and took an ass-clenching ride around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with driver Davey Hamilton on Friday after the broadcast. (Thanks to Miller Lite). I'd hate to be the guy who had to sit in that seat after him. Here's the video:

Click here for video (Windows Media)

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Indianapolis Overwhelmingly Rejects Plans for Danica Patrick "Rally Chicken"

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and the chicken, which has already jinxed the Colts, the Pacers, and caused the Firebirds to leave town completely ... will have no association with the brightest star at this year's 500, the fetching Danica Patrick. (above left)

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